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Two Artists Are On a Mission to Collect 1,001 Butts | What’s Trending Now!

Two artists are embarking on a project to photograph 1,001 nude butts. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Ava Gordy. Be sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE for more stories. Listen, I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like… and I like butts. The project, titled in English as “1,001 Bums,” is the idea of Montreal photographers Emillie Mercier and Frederique Marseille. Listen guys, I can’t speak French. Italian? Ok, I have to stop. The two photographers are using the project to fight body image issues and promote the love of the bum.

On the 1,001 Bums website, the artists discuss how they’re trying to learn to love their own bums. “Maybe we would discover how crazy it is to hate our own bodies and simply see how unique each and every woman is,” reads the blog. “And, this way, start loving ourselves a little bit better.” The pair believes that if they saw 1,001 photos of other women’s bums, then they’d start to love their own. The project began back in 2014 after a successful crowdfunding campaign. They crowdfunded for this! Guys, we need money, because we want to take photos of butts. We need a lot of money for this. We’ll fly them out from across the world. We want international butts. Since then, the duo has photographed women from their native Quebec, as well as subjects from France, Belgium and Switzerland. So literally international bums. That wasn’t a joke. Let’s be honest, some of the crowdfunding money went to those flights. Obviously a project like this can be a little bit tricky to share online. Facebook took down the 1,001 Bums page after it was flagged as pornographic. Guys, this isn’t porn. It’s art.

I know it’s a very nuanced difference, but still… it’s art. Currently, the photographer’s have photos from over 600 bums. They hope to photograph butts from every continent on Earth. Now that’s what I call equality. And hey guys, they’re looking for volunteers. So let us know in the comments below — would you volunteer your butt?.

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