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Modi’s Jobs Problem Threatens Quest to Lower Inequality in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a jobs problem.He swept to power three years ago promising India’s poor and middle classes he’d restore their "dignity" after years of swelling inequality, with job creation central to his pitch. But now, the jobs market has been slugged by last November’s shock cash ban

Hurricane Maria Bears Down on St. Croix, Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria -- a "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 storm with maximum sustained winds of 165 miles (266 kilometers) per hour -- is expected to pass near the U.S. Virgin Islands Tuesday night and across Puerto Rico on Wednesday, according to a National Hurricane Center advisory at 5 p.m. New York

Acid Attack on Four U.S. Students Wasn’t Terror Act, France Says

Paris (AP) -- Four American college students were attacked with acid Sunday at a train station in France, but French authorities so far do not think extremist views motivated the 41 -year-old woman who was arrested as the alleged assailant, the local prosecutor's office and the students' school said. Boston

McCain Laments ‘Accident After Accident’ After Military Cuts

Following a series of deadly accidents, Senator John McCain on Sunday renewed his calls to address what he described as a U.S. failure during the past eight years to ensure that the military is prepared, equipped and trained. “Whenever you cut defense capabilities, the first thing that goes is the training

Surviving a Heroin Overdose May Soon Depend on Where You Live

In southwest Ohio, people die from national rate. In the future, whether someone survives could hinge on what county they’re in.The sheriff in Butler County this summer suggesting ambulance crews shouldn’t have to save the lives of some people who have been revived before.In neighboring Hamilton County, which includes Cincinnati, officials

U.K. Arrests Man in Train Attack, Has Open Mind on Accomplices

Police arrested an 18-year-old man in the departure area of the port at Dover on Saturday and searched a house near London in connection with Friday’s detonation of an improvised bomb on a tube train that injured at least 29 people. The U.K. threat level remained at critical.The man detained

More Than a Million Ford Explorers May Face Recall Due to Fumes

Seven years worth of Ford Motor Co.’s most-popular SUV model are a step closer to recall in the U.S. over mounting reports of exhaust fumes leaking inside and sickening drivers.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this week took an interim step toward prompting the recall of 1.3 million 2011-2017 Ford

Good Luck Finding a Truly Organic Egg

Most Americans these days want their eggs to come from happy chickens—documentaries revealing horrific conditions inside the machinery of industrial farming long ago penetrated the public consciousness. But figuring out which chickens are treated most humanely has always been a challenge, especially since big agriculture realized how using a few magic words

Hurricane Jose Could Threaten New York Next Week, NHC Says

Hurricane Jose may threaten New York City and other areas of the East Coast by next week, according to a National Hurricane Center advisory.The storm, about 640 miles (1,029 kilometers) southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane as it churned through the Atlantic Ocean. Jose’s

Small Consumer Drones Unlikely to Cause Head Injury, Study Says

The small, popular drones flooding the commercial market are unlikely to cause severe head injuries if they fall out of the sky and strike people, a new study has concluded.The results are similar to findings earlier this year by researchers associated with the Federal Aviation Administration and offer more justification