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Vanishing app: Snapchat struggles as Facebook bites back

Losses are steep and user growth is anaemic leaving investors fearful the latest new Facebook has run out of steamIs Snapchat the social media app famous for its disappearing messages in danger of doing a vanishing act of its own? Its a question some are asking after investors turned on

Facebooks New Plan May Curb Revenge Porn, But Wont Kill It

Facebook needed to move againstnonconsensual porn. The scandal surrounding Marines United, a secret Facebook group of 30,000 servicemen who shared dozens of women’s private images without permission, proved that. Now, the social media giant finally shuffling in the right direction. On Wednesday, Facebook released new guidelines for how it plans

Artist scrawls hate-speech tweets in front of Twitter’s Hamburg office

Shahak Shapira and other artist-activists stencil insulting barbs to protest what they deem the companys muteness on offensive tweetsA German-Israeli artist who accuses YouTube video shows Shahak Shapira and fellow activists stencilling tweets saying, Germany needs a final solution to Islam and Lets gas the Jews. Shapira said he had