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Insurers Join Hospitals, Doctors Opposing New Obamacare Repeal

Insurance-industry groups said Wednesday that they oppose a Republican proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, joining health-care providers in asking Senators to reject the bill.America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association said they oppose the plan, backed by Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Bill

Boston’s Fate Lies With a Zombie Hurricane

Hurricane Maria continued its thunderous roll northward as forecasters struggled to pin down a trajectory. Whether the storm makes landfall again could be determined by a zombie.That’s what former Hurricane Jose will soon be in the meteorological vernacular, a once-dangerous tropical system that has fallen apart and been robbed of

More Than a Million Ford Explorers May Face Recall Due to Fumes

Seven years worth of Ford Motor Co.’s most-popular SUV model are a step closer to recall in the U.S. over mounting reports of exhaust fumes leaking inside and sickening drivers.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this week took an interim step toward prompting the recall of 1.3 million 2011-2017 Ford

This Is the Crazy Tax Math Trump Must Master, Fast

The math makes clear that Trump’s 15 percent rate is impossible. But by putting out an reaching out to Democrats; on Sept. 12, he invited three key senators to dinner at the White House. It’s the art of the deal as Trump prepares to embark on a multicity tour to

Leon Cooperman Says Market Correction Could Start Very Soon

settled the insider trading case and agreed to pay a $4.9 million fine. It did not admit to any wrongdoing.Inflows to his firm since have been very slow and “very minor,” Cooperman, 74, said in the Bloomberg interview. About half the assets Omega manages is its “own dough,” he said.

Scammers Are Constructing Fake People to Get Real Credit Cards

On a warm day in May, agents from the FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service descended on a leafy neighborhood in South Carolina and raided the home of a DJ suspected of using fake identities to obtain 558 credit cards from Capital One Financial Corp.Outside the house in Rock

Forget Equifax. Facebook and Google Have the Data That Should Worry You

Just for a minute, imagine that hackers have gained access to a database containing sensitive information about hundreds of millions of people. In this totally hypothetical scenario, the theft would be comprehensive—including enough details to do real damage to those whose data had been exposed—and would involve a company that wasn’t widely recognized as

Irma’s Surprise Path May Fuel Insurance Claims

Hurricane Irma’s westward shift will probably inflict heightened damage on people and businesses unable to adjust to its new path in time, while the storm fuels floods that many insurance policies don’t cover.Along Florida’s west coast -- now in the direct path of the storm -- many residents thought they

These Insurers Are Tumbling on Fears of Hurricane Irma Damage

A group of insurers with a large presence in Florida plunged on Thursday, as Hurricane Irma continued on a collision course with Miami after battering Puerto Rico and devastating a chain of small Caribbean islands.Universal Insurance Holdings Inc., the Federated National Holding Co. and HCI Group Inc. all extended their