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Trump’s goals for decertifying Iran deal remain a mystery

(CNN)President Donald Trump's speech on the Iran deal and Tehran's activities in the region reflects a tough-minded approach with objectives that are at best unclear and likely unrealistic.But Trump's real objective may be to goad Iran into walking away from the accord and thereby accepting the blame for its

Playboy played a role in the strong black woman I am today

(CNN)When I read that Hugh Hefner had passed away, I was immediately transported to the spring of 1991 in my Aunt Linda's kitchen on Chicago's South Side, surrounded by my dad's sisters, Jennifer, Janis, and, of course, Linda. My mom stood on the side watching them congratulate me on

Special operations forces should not be America’s Band-Aid

(CNN)Somalia. Afghanistan. Syria. Iraq.Four US soldiers -- including two Green Berets -- and five Nigerien troops died this week in an ambush while on a joint patrol. They were there, as US Africa Command noted in a statement, "to provide training and security assistance to the Nigerien Armed Forces,

Sachs: Ban semiautomatic assault weapons and save lives

(CNN)Semiautomatic assault weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment. The federal government and the states can outlaw them, a point underscored by none other than the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who emphasized that the Second Amendment protects gun ownership of the types of arms that were "in common

Pulse nightclub survivor feels Las Vegas’ pain

(CNN)Again. Sixteen months ago, those posts were mine. "Hiding in the bathroom. Can't find my friends," I wrote. And now at least 58 people are dead and over 500 injured in Las Vegas, after a shooting at a country music festival. Join us on Twitter and FacebookAnd to

‘Trump’s Katrina?’ No, it’s much worse

(CNN)It is a difficult task to turn the memory of Hurricane Katrina into a quaint story of well-meaning government actors unable to save a city from destruction. President Donald Trump managed to do that on Saturday morning when he essentially blamed Puerto Rico and its mayor, in a series

Does Trump’s team have a Clinton email problem?

(CNN)Hillary Clinton has called the use of private email for official business by multiple senior Trump White House advisers -- reportedly including Jared Kushner, Stephen Bannon, and Reince Priebus -- the "height of hypocrisy." While there are both legal and factual distinctions between the two situations, Clinton's criticism

Trump’s gut knows that America agrees with him on NFL controversy

(CNN)If you are upset about President Donald Trump's position on NFL players who kneel during the national anthem -- an opinion he colorfully expressed in a speech in Alabama and in a series of follow-up tweets -- take a deep breath and listen.Understanding this doesn't mean that you are

Merkel must now address Germany’s biggest problems

(CNN)It was supposed to look effortless, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gliding to victory in this year's federal election. But the roughly 33.5% of seats that she won -- according to exit polls -- was less than anticipated, even though she secured her conservative party, the Christian Democrats (CDU), a

Kimmel more effective than Dems on healthcare

(CNN)Jimmy Kimmel has done again what Congressional Democratic leaders cannot: thrust the debate over how disastrous the GOP's proposed healthcare plan would be for Americans with pre-existing conditions back into the national headlines. Sure, Democrats in Congress are objecting to the GOP proposal via press releases and on Twitter,