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Help! How to lower Thanksgiving stress

(CNN)Writing a story about Thanksgiving stress is ironic, because I don't personally feel stressed at all as the holiday fast approaches. I keep waiting for the stress to hit me like a sledgehammer, especially since we are hosting for the first time in more than five years and my

Coffee shop brews opportunity for people with disabilities

Wilmington, North Carolina (CNN)Coffee shops are cool, but in Wilmington, North Carolina, Bitty & Beau's Coffee is known for its warmth. At the heart of the shop's popularity is its unique staff: Almost everyone who works there has an intellectual or developmental disability, ranging from Down syndrome to autism to

‘Books before boxing’ credo helps trainer change lives

Detroit (CNN)Growing up in Detroit was not easy for Khali Sweeney. When he was just 6 weeks old, his parents gave him away to a woman in the neighborhood."That put a chip on my shoulder," Sweeney said. "So, I was always getting in trouble; I was always fighting. ... She

What is hand, foot and mouth disease?

(CNN)Hand, foot and mouth disease is an illness commonly seen in children, but it can affect adults with its fever, sores and skin rash.Along with painful mouth sores, hand, foot and mouth disease causes fever and a rash on both the hands and the feet.How it's treatedHand, foot and

Vets combat trauma with therapeutic surfing

Folly Beach, South Carolina (CNN)As a Marine serving in the Iraq War, Sgt. Andrew Manzi spent long hours on patrol, never knowing what dangers were ahead. He saw intense firefights during his two tours, and many of his comrades lost their lives. "I just knew I was going

Newly discovered nearby planet could support life

(CNN)You may want to get used to the name Ross 128 b. The newly discovered exoplanet is the second-closest found to our solar system, only 11 light-years away. And it could support life. The planet is about the same size as Earth, and it may have a similar

How to beat the stereotypes around aging

What can be done about negative stereotypes that portray older adults as out-of-touch, useless, feeble, incompetent, pitiful and irrelevant?Although people may hope for good health and happiness, in practice they tend to believe that growing older involves deterioration and decline, according to reports from the Reframing Aging Initiative.Many seniors are

Sex rarely causes hearts to stop, research says

(CNN)It's a familiar scene in TV melodramas: Mid-intercourse, an older man collapses, clutching his heart. Yet sex and sudden cardiac arrest rarely happen together, according to preliminary research presented Sunday at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2017. "On average in the US, only 10% or less actually

Professor resigns after allegations he sexually abused minors as a priest

(CNN)A professor at Arizona State University has resigned after allegations that he sexually abused at least three minors when he was a priest. He had been a research professor at Arizona State University since 2013.Three male victims recently came forward to accuse Lara of sexual abuse while Lara was