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The Secret Actress: in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein is not an anomaly

Harvey Weinstein represents a culture in which women are deemed either screen-bait or difficult. If these men are dinosaurs, bring on the asteroidThe Secret Actress is an Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated actor who lives and works in LA today. I had a thought the other morning. Yet another actress I

Harvey Weinstein: Met police investigating five sexual assault claims

Scotland Yard to investigate five more allegations against producer as Hollyoaks actor Lysette Anthony says he attacked her in 1980sScotland Yard is looking into five allegations of sexual assault by three women against the disgraced Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein in Britain. A team of officers has been established to

Amazon drops David O. Russell show as Weinstein fallout continues

Amazon said earlier this week that it was reviewing its options around the shows it was producing with The Weinstein Company. Now it looks like the company has made a decision and is moving to sever ties with TWC. One show, an untitled project from director David O. Russell,

I did not ‘hunt’ for Harvey Weinstein, claims alleged fixer

Miramax executive Fabrizio Lombardo denies setting up Hollywood producers alleged sexual encountersIn the week that allegations against he falsely told her she would be attending a party. When they arrived at the room she found the movie mogul alone, and Argento alleges the meeting led to her being raped by

Weinstein Co. Name Change? Too Little, Too Late

Already fired, Harvey Weinstein could lose his last connection to the film company that for 12 years has borne his name. The Weinstein Co. may go nuclear in its bid to wash the stain of a sex harassment scandal that’s engulfed him: It’s considering changing its name. Such a move carries a long and surprisingly

Rose McGowan: Hollywood blacklisted me because I got raped

Lawyer told Charmed star that she was unlikely to win against Harvey WeinsteinThe actor Rose McGowan has said she was blacklisted because she got raped, and has vowed to chase down the individuals in the film industry who are aiding and abetting sex crimes. On Thursday she sexual harassment and

Amazon suspends studio chief amid Weinstein scandal

Roy Price is accused of sexually harassing producer and ignoring actors allegation that Harvey Weinstein raped herAmazon has put the head of its video content service on leave after he became embroiled in the widening scandal surrounding the disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Roy Price, who is in charge of

Twitter breaks its silence on McGowan suspension

Twitter has abruptly broken its own policy of not commenting on individual accounts to explain why it temporarily suspended the account of actress Rose McGowan late yesterday, after she had been tweeting about allegations of sexual abuse and harassment which have been surfacing against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Earlier today