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Screenwriter close to Harvey Weinstein actually apologizes for his part in this

Writer and producer Scott Rosenberg: 'I am eternally sorry'Image: Albert Chau/FilmMagicIf you've tired of hearing Hollywood A-listers feign shock while sending proverbial "thoughts and prayers" to Harvey Wesintein's sexual assault victims, you're not alone. Scott Rosenberg, a screenwriter (Beautiful Girls, Con Air, High Fidelity) who worked closely with Weinstein

NBC News looks pretty awful right now

Image: Getty ImagesNBC is facing serious accusations that its news division turned down a major story over pressure from top-level executives... again. That story, of course, was MSNBC contributor Ronan Farrow's exposé on Harvey Weinstein, which wasn't published by MSNBC, but by The New Yorker. And details started to

A man learns how to apply make up in a day

Image: Invision/AP/REX/ShutterstockIn light of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, more and more women and men in Hollywood are discussing producers and people in power who harassed and manipulated them.  In an interview with theLos Angeles Times, Blake Lively said she was harassed by an unnamed makeup artist she worked

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Trump Jr. with a Harvey Weinstein joke

Jimmy Kimmel has really laid it on Donald Trump in recent weeks, with good reason.  It's something that's irked the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., resulting a bit of Twitter war over the weekend.  Trump Jr. asked Kimmel for thoughts on disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, insinuating