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Air Berlin cancels 100 flights after pilots call in sick

Bankrupt airlines hubs at Dsseldorf and Tegel badly affected by apparent wildcat strike against possible redundanciesAir Berlin has been forced to cancel about 100 flights after an unusually high number of pilots called in sick, in what is believed to be a wildcat strike against possible redundancies at the bankrupt

Duisburg, Germany builds the world’s tallest sand castle

55 feet tall.Image: FRIEDEMANN VOGEL/EPA-EFE/REX/ShutterstockWho says beach towns have the monopoly on sand castles?  The landlocked German city of Duisburg just claimed the world record for the world's tallest sandcastle. The city's sand castle, which stands at 55 feet or 16.68 meters, won the prize after a Guinness World

Artist scrawls hate-speech tweets in front of Twitter’s Hamburg office

Shahak Shapira and other artist-activists stencil insulting barbs to protest what they deem the companys muteness on offensive tweetsA German-Israeli artist who accuses YouTube video shows Shahak Shapira and fellow activists stencilling tweets saying, Germany needs a final solution to Islam and Lets gas the Jews. Shapira said he had