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How movies brought polyamory into the mainstream

Non-monogamous relationships used to be portrayed as disastrous in film. But with Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, is there a shift towards greater acceptance?Last week, a very different period drama hit cinemas. Wild Things. Such erotic encounters in mainstream movies spice things up, but theyre a side attraction. In

Richard Dreyfuss denies exposing himself to writer in 1987

Jaws star says he thought flirting with and kissing Jessica Teich, who spoke out after he supported his sons Spacey claim, was a consensual seduction ritualThe actor New York magazine blog Vulture he flirted with and even kissed Los Angeles writer Jessica Teich over several years but thought it was

Billie Jean King: Be ahead of your time thats what you have to do

The tennis champions lifelong fight for equality and freedom is celebrated in a new film about the Battle of the Sexes. She talks about not being comfortable in her own skin until she was 51, and why millennials give her hopeIn 1955, when she was 12 years old, Battle of

Why Nicole Kidman deserves a special round of applause | Deborah Orr

Female actors are still not taken as seriously as their male co-stars. The Australian shows just how wrong that is, writes Guardian columnist Deborah OrrThe new film the Greek mythical animal owned by Artemis and killed in error by Agamemnon, who then has to sacrifice a member of his own