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Equifax used a really dumb password to protect employee data

Image: Getty ImagesOh, Equifax. Things just keep getting worse. Equifax protected some accounts connected to an internal portal in Argentina with the password "admin," in a move that was either incredibly amateur or hubristic (or both).  SEE ALSO: This chatbot could help you sue Equifax The screwup was discovered

Equifax security and information executives are stepping down

Top executives at Equifax are retiring effective immediately, according to the WSJ. Susan Mauldin was the company’s chief security officer and David Webb was the chief information officer. The report says the executives are retiring, though, in the wake of the company’s major security breach, “retire” feels like an euphemism for

A perfect storm of corporate idiocy

At this point in the game there should be a single page on every corporate website, preferably accessible from its front page, that includes the name and all contact details for the Chief Security Officer, including the last four digits of her social security number. It should be her

Senator says Equifax should offer customers free credit security freezes

Equifax’s handling of the massive data breach that affected 143 million people has been ineffective, Senator Brian Schatz wrote today in a letter to Equifax (embedded at bottom of post). He says what Equifax has offered customers, a one-year complimentary subscription to credit monitoring, is “inadequate for several reasons.”

Doing The Right Thing: Equifax Just Released The Other 182 Million Social Security Numbers Because They Realized Theyre Not Responsible Enough To Have Them Anymore

After a massive hack of its servers exposed 140 million Social Security numbers, you’d expect Equifax to play the blame game. But instead, the credit reporting company is doing something amazing: Equifax executives have just announced that they’ve released the other 182 million Social Security numbers in their possession

Its time to build our own Equifax with blackjack and crypto

The private data of 143 million Equifax “customers” is now available for download. Have no doubt: This means you will be hacked. This means your SIM card can be spoofed. This means someone will try to get into your email and online accounts. This means someone will try to

Here’s how to tell if you’re affected by the Equifax hack

Are you in there?Image: Christopher Mineses/mashable So Equifax was hacked. Like, badly. But how to tell if you, personally, are affected by the massive data breach? There's a website for that — as long as you don't mind forking over even more information to Equifax.  The credit reporting agency announced

Equifax data leak could involve 143 million consumers

Data leaks have become so commonplace that it’s incredibly easy to become numb to them, but credit reporting service Equifax announced a doozy today that when all is said and done could involve 143 million consumers. This is bad. It was a treasure trove of information for the bad