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Trump links UK crime rise to ‘spread of Islamic terror’

In latest Twitter outburst US president makes terrorism link even though annual figures cover all police-recorded offencesDonald Trump has erroneously linked a rise in recorded crime in England and Wales to the spread of radical Islamic terror in his latest outburst on Twitter. Just out report: United Kingdom crime rises

Emotional John Kelly lashes out at Trump critics over military deaths

Chief of staff appears at White House podium to denounce politicization of military deaths but fails to acknowledge that Trump started controversyWhite House chief of staff John Kelly has delivered an extraordinary rebuke to critics of Donald Trumps handling of the families of fallen US military heroes. Kelly made an

Trump claims ‘Obamacare is dead’ despite failure to repeal legislation

Its gone. There is no such thing as Obamacare any more, says president having slashed federal healthcare subsidies for lower-income AmericansDonald Trump on Monday absolved himself of responsibility for Republicans falling one vote short of repealing the 2010 law, saying: Im not going to blame myself, Ill be honest. Theyre

Trump just got subpoenaed by one of his sexual assault accusers

in a report!function(e,t,r,n,c,a,l){function i(t,r){return r=e.createElement('div'),r.innerHTML='Trump has forcefully denied all of the sexual assault and misconduct allegations against him, calling his accusers “horrible liars” and threatening to sue them. His legal threats, thus far, have not amounted to anything, although Zervos is attempting to take him to court