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Climate Change Could Dampen Argentinas Recovery

“It’s like being at war.” That’s how Luciano Pieruci, a 26-year-old farmer describes his battle against the floods that swamped a swath of the 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) of soybeans, corn, and wheat he tends in Argentina’s Córdoba province. “The low-lying fields have become lagoons,” says Pieruci, who decided to leave them

Amazon’s Grocery Threat Could Ramp Up Food M&A

A spoiled marketing deal between Campbell Soup Co. and an unnamed retailer -- likely Wal-Mart Stores Inc. -- warns of a looming price war in the grocery industry that may galvanize packaged-food giants to more seriously explore acquisitions, even if it means paying bloated valuations. Campbell announced late last month that it

Surviving a Heroin Overdose May Soon Depend on Where You Live

In southwest Ohio, people die from national rate. In the future, whether someone survives could hinge on what county they’re in.The sheriff in Butler County this summer suggesting ambulance crews shouldn’t have to save the lives of some people who have been revived before.In neighboring Hamilton County, which includes Cincinnati, officials

This Is the Crazy Tax Math Trump Must Master, Fast

The math makes clear that Trump’s 15 percent rate is impossible. But by putting out an reaching out to Democrats; on Sept. 12, he invited three key senators to dinner at the White House. It’s the art of the deal as Trump prepares to embark on a multicity tour to

Scammers Are Constructing Fake People to Get Real Credit Cards

On a warm day in May, agents from the FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service descended on a leafy neighborhood in South Carolina and raided the home of a DJ suspected of using fake identities to obtain 558 credit cards from Capital One Financial Corp.Outside the house in Rock

Thank Economic Growth for Germanys Boring Elections

To reach gluemaker Delo Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH, you drive an hour from Munich, past villages with onion-domed churches and the Ammersee, a cobalt-blue lake with views of the Alps, before turning into offices nestled between a cornfield and a grove of beech trees—hardly the kind of place you’d expect to find

Bankers Call Time on Saudi Arabia

The oil-rich Gulf monarchy of Saudi Arabia is a money magnet for global finance.Its sovereign wealth fund is barreling tens of billions of dollars into foreign asset managers. Its alliance with SoftBank Group Corp. is buying into startups and skyscrapers. A much-hyped listing of oil giant Saudi Aramco has London and

The Man Running the University of Californias Lean, Mean Endowment Machine

Jagdeep Bachher stands out among chief investment officers.First there’s the headwear. Bachher is a practicing Sikh, and the turban he wears, whether orange, red, or baby blue, is always perfectly paired with his business attire, matching his tie, even his socks.Second is his obsession with management fees. While institutional investors have

Forget Equifax. Facebook and Google Have the Data That Should Worry You

Just for a minute, imagine that hackers have gained access to a database containing sensitive information about hundreds of millions of people. In this totally hypothetical scenario, the theft would be comprehensive—including enough details to do real damage to those whose data had been exposed—and would involve a company that wasn’t widely recognized as

Volkswagen Can Cure Germany’s Neurotic Investors

Volkswagen AG and Siemens AG are two of Germany’s most important industrial companies. Both have suffered scandals in the past decade. But in at least one key respect they’re now poles apart.If you asked an ordinary VW employee what the carmaker's share price is, I’d wager many couldn’t answer. But