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Google Docs had some serious problems today

Crumbling.Image: JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGESA collective scream was heard across the internet Wednesday, as scores of people were faced with the same shocking truth: Google Docs was down.  Docs, part of a suite of Google products, appeared to experience outages Wednesday afternoon — with Down Detector reporting widespread problems with

Here’s why Reddit is replacing PMs with chat

Reddit will soon ditch its private messaging system for chat.Image: mashable/ambar del moralReddit is about to make one of its biggest changes yet. The site will soon launch a new instant messaging feature called Reddit Chat. Unlike Reddit's current private messaging system, Reddit Chat will allow individual users and

The iPhone X costs $370 to build, report says

iPhone XImage: Dustin Drankoski/MashableSaving for an iPhone X? Perhaps you've sold a car or taken an extra job to finance the ultra-expensive new Apple phone? Well, you'll probably be disappointed to know that the $999+ iPhone X actually costs around $370 to produce, according to IHS Markit.  SEE ALSO:

Uber says it will bring flying taxis to Los Angeles by 2020

Image: UberUber is about to take off.  The ride-sharing company made a number of announcements at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon, including an agreement with NASA to lay down the groundwork for a self-driving aerial vehicle taxi service. Uber also shared a video that shows how the experience

Sean Parker: Facebook is hacking human psychology

Sean Parker has harsh words for the social media service he helped build.Image: Matt Baron/REX/ShutterstockYou always hurt the ones you love, right? That's the only way we can explain Facebook's founding president Sean Parker's damning words about the world's largest social media platform. Speaking to Axios at the National

Devastated teens lose their snap streaks after Snapchat goes down

Image: vicky leta/ mashableHorrified Snapchatters have awoken to a bleak set of circumstances after Snapchat stopped working for users.  SEE ALSO: Devastated Snapchatters talk about the heartbreak of losing a Snapstreak after hundreds of days Snapchat users were unable to use the app on Monday, which prevented them from