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7 Iconic Scenes (We Only Got Because The Movie Was Broke)

Money: It's the thing that most rap songs and every episode of DuckTales are about. It's also the thing that allows for movies to be made. Usually, filmmakers having zero dough results in some no-budget piece of crap wherein Kirk Cameron mansplains the meaning of Christmas. But occasionally, cinematic

Get Adorable AF With The Sugarfina Sanrio Collection

You don't have to play the ukelele or ride a unicycle to be adorable, because Sugarfina has partnered with Sanrio on a new collection of Hello Kitty themed candy just in time for the end of swimsuit season. The collection is honestly the cutest and so chic it'll put

5 Throwaway Jokes That Turned Into Actual Great Ideas

Science fiction has been predicting the future since its inception, because ... well, that's pretty much its job. When a writer looks at the world around them and sees naught but drones and pornography, it shouldn't come off as a prophecy when they predict the rise of Sexdrones. But

22 Perfect Celebrity Responses To Critics And Trolls

For whatever reason -- boredom or mental instability or whatever -- people feel the need to leverage social media to heckle famous individuals. Of course, this means when it backfires on them, they're roasting is witnessed by everyone on the planet. (We appreciate Amomaxia for the contest suggestion, but