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The Chambong Is A Bong For Drinking Champagne

For centuries, the frat bro has had his funnel. Other than his Vineyard Vines quarter zip and frat decal snap-back, the funnel is his most precious possession. It is a sacred emblem of being drunk and overly aggressive for no reason.The betch equivalent was slapping the bag, which just doesn't

Your Purebred Is Inbred: 5 Realities Of Dog Breeding

Slowly domesticating wolves into good old Fido had been one of the best things that mankind has ever done, right up until we refused to stop fucking with the canine formula. Instead, we started breeding pooches to more and more precise specifications ("the ears must be 1-inch smaller," "the face

Listen To The Tigerlily x Betches Exclusive Playlist

Do you need something to pregame to? Are you sick of listening to Closer on repeat? JK, no, we know thats not possible. BUT if you need something to drink toso like, some casual everyday listeningwe teamed up with Tigerlily to give you that playlist. Who is Tigerlily? Glad

5 Baffling Lies Society Told You About Fat People

A few months ago, Reddit made news because it banned a 150,000-strong group dedicated to tracking down and harassing fat people (don't worry, several fat-hating subreddits are still there, at least one with over 100,000 members). The existence of those groups surprised some people -- not that there was mockery

5 BS Myths About Being Poor You Believe Thanks To The Media

Poor people, right? Visit the "news of the weird" section of a major media site and you'll find a gauntlet of undesirables engaging in such wacky antics as getting into drunk fistfights at McDonald's and whatnot. And, in basically all of these cases, what you're reading barely qualifies as news.

Canadas New Prime Minister is Hot AF

I know betches normally dont keep up with the news, but Im sure this new guy in Canada has made his way into your Twitter or FB feed at some point this week. Justin Trudeau is the new 43-year-old prime minister of Canada and is a total smoke show.I mean,