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Scott Disick Accidentally Confirmed Khlo’s Pregnancy

It’s now been weeks since we first got news of the alleged Kardashian pregnancy pact, and we’re still waiting for official confirmation that Kylie and Khloé are really pregnant. At this point, it seems like they’re determined to stay quiet for as long as possible, so we’ll take our

Here Are Your Weekly Horoscopes For October 16th-22nd

This week, the stars and planets back off their bullshit a bit, so you're mostly in the clear from any major catastrophes. This week, the only New Moon in Libra for the year occurs. You're like, "sure, great but WTF does that mean for my life?" Well, it means

5 Wedding Desserts That Are A Crime Against Humanity

2. Cotton Candy And Other Carnival Fare Wtf? The fact that people do this is disturbing. I understand that, along with the Chinese-Mexican fusion food truck you have out front, having a cotton candy machine for dessert is totally UNIQUE and a hipster’s actual wet

Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes For October 13-15th

Welcome to the Betch Poets Society. Kidding. But for this weekend's horoscopes we're going to switch it up a little—class it up if you will—with some haikus. *snaps* Why haikus? IDK, but go with it. It's #cultured. For those who didn't make haikus in grade school, haiku is a