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Couchsurfing is so obsolete it’s connecting stock photo models now

Couchsurfinguser-backlash over its privatization“What was fairly unique about Couchsurfing is that it was more word-of-mouth growth rather than what happens nowadays,” says Prashant Lagisetti, the co-founder of the on-hiatus travel network . “It was far more organic.” Taiwan“Between 2009-2011, the site was huge,” reflects Jojo, a longtime

Bumbles business networking feature launches today

About a year ago we reported that Bumble would soon launch BumbleBizz – a swipe-based networking tool that is designed to help people make professional connections. And now the feature is finally rolling out today to users in the US, UK, Germany, France and Canada. Essentially BumbleBizz will use the same

Apps for helping with homework

Some people are naturally great at math. Others need a little more assistance. Yet everybody could benefit from some practice. Photomath is an app for your math homework. Just point the camera toward a math problem and it will display the answer with step-by-step instructions with how they got

You can now launch the Instagram app directly from Facebook

Facebook is making it easier for users to access their Instagram profile directly from within the Facebook app. The company confirms it’s rolling out a new addition its main navigation menu on mobile that includes a link to your Instagram account. This option appears just below the link to

Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years

Long-standing basic graphics editing program, used throughout childhoods since the 1980s, has been marked for deathMicrosofts next Windows 10 update, called the list. Paint 3D. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian