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Netflix Is Raising Prices Sooner Than We Are Emotinally Prepared For

Whoever you steal Netflix from is going to be ape shit about the latest change at Netflix: prices are increasing in November quicker than the number of episodes you binge watched last night. This is the first price change since 2014, which was right after was released. At that time, Claire Underwood was worth our parents paying a couple dollars more per month, but now this change seems like bullshit, especially since isn’t even available for streaming anymore.

If you have the basic service—first of all, lemme upgrade you—but your price wont increase. I guess even Netflix has a sense of charity. But the standard service (what you’re stealing from your freshmen year ex) is increasing from $9.99 per month to $10.99 per month. Premium service (what finance bros brag about paying for with their signing bonus) is increasing from $11.99 per month to $13.99 per month.

Okay, first off, what even are these tiers of service? Are there like, secret shows you can only unlock with a premium subscription? Netflix doesn’t have commercials to begin with, so can you like, get back the time you waste watching commercials by paying for premium? Honestly, I haven’t verified my subscription in three years so they could be charging me $60 a month for an Ultra Platinum package and I wouldn’t know the difference. And yes, I that lazy that I won’t even look up the different price tiers, even in the name of journalism.

Sure, $1 or $2 per month doesn’t seem like a lot, but over the course of a year that adds up to like, 4 happy hour drinks that may not be bought for you by guys trying to get to the Netflix and chill stage. More importantly, for betches who pay their own bills, that’s maybe two bottles of wine per year that you won’t able to drink while you watch for the 50th time. …Okay, so that still isn’t a big deal at all, but still. Let me have this.

Apparently the price hike will increase Netflix’s revenues, which will let them produce more original content. I’m all for more , but if they fucking touch streaming I will set Netflix on fire write a very strongly worded Facebook status. 

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