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Megan Fox Shares Rare Photos Of Her Sons On Instagram, And Of Course They Are Damn Cute

Megan Fox isn’t a woman who tends to air her private life in the public eye. Unlike many celebrities in this day and age, the actress tends to keep her kids away from spotlight in order to protect them from the gaze of the general public and paparazzi.

However, Fox has delighted her fans by recently sharing a rare photo of her three cute sons and her husband on Instagram, and people have quickly fallen in love the the family. The 31-year-old actress, who is well known for her role in the Transformers, as well as being voted the “Sexiest Woman In The World” in 2008, posted four polaroid photos of herself and her family, including her four-year-old son Noah, three-year-old Bodi, and 11-month-old River, who is strapped to their dad, Brian Austin Green. The Hollywood couple rarely share their private photos of the family on social media, although Brian is a bit more susceptible than Megan. He recently posted a photo of their youngest after he was born, captioning the photo:“My wife makes beautiful babies :)” However, some people weren’t too happy with the photos of her children that Megan put online, mainly due to the fact that Noah can be seen in a Princess Elsa Frozen dress. In the pictures, which you can see below, Noah looks like a happy young boy as he poses in his dress, but the internet being the internet, a section of Instagram users didn’t like the fact that a boy was wearing what is commonly regarded as “girls” clothing. People were quick to ask the question of “why is the eldest boy wearing a dress?” with many criticising Fox and calling her “another Hollywood weirdo mom”. However, plenty of people were quick to rush to the defence of the star and her son, with one user saying:“What’s not to understand? Children play dress up. He’s been photographed wearing a Peter Pan costume, a Snow White one too… If I’d had a costume when I was a kid, I would have been Wolverine.” Another user also weighed in on the argument, saying: “The fact that people are complaining about Noah wearing a dress is so disgusting,” and further added: “He’s a CHILD!! He’s just playing. Stop forcing stereotypes onto everyone.” It’s not the first time that Noah has been spotted in a dress in recent times. The youngster also defied the gender stereotypes that are ingrained into society when he was pictured wearing long gowns to the park, which again attracted a fair amount of scorn onto the family. At the end of the day, these boys are just children and should be allowed to wear whatever they like; if a child wants to wear a dress, let them wear a dress, what does it matter? It seems like Megan and Brian are doing a pretty good job of raising their kids, especially when you consider that they have just come through a difficult spell in their marriage, so good luck to them all.

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