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Jay-Z Says Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin Is A ‘Modern Day Shakespeare’

Coldplay fans clearly love Chris Martin for his skillful expressiveness, but Jay-Z thinks the frontmans chops are so noteworthy theyre comparable to Shakespeares. Danny Moloshok / Reuters Jay-Z spoke to Metro about his friendship with Martin, stating that the two are good friends. Additionally, he extolled Martins talents and implored British people

Rob Lowe, believer of Bigfoot, now talks to ghosts

Rob Lowe is a really big fan of the supernatural. Just weeks after confirming he reportedly saw a wood ape while filming his new A&E series The Lowe Files, hes now confessing to speaking with dead people. Theres a device they use that the theory is it can translate that the spirits

NBC only wants ‘good-looking employees,’ says lawsuit

Only the beautiful people belong at the Peacock Network. A fired NBC employee claims a recruiter who initially contacted her for a job as an audio-visual coordinator told her NBC specifically asked for good-looking employees and wanted to see pictures before she could get her foot in the door. Stephanie Belanger says