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I Dont Love You Yet, But I Know I Could

God & Man I don’t love you yet. I’m still hesitant when it comes to reaching my hands to touch your cheeks, still nervous to keep eye contact for a minute too long. When I kiss you, I kiss deeply, but then I pull away. I want to make each

Love Isnt Going To Fix You

Gianandrea Villa Love isn’t going to fix you. It isn’t going to fix your mental health. It isn’t going to fix your social life. And it isn’t going to fix your heart. Love isn’t going to make every day beautiful. It isn’t going to transform your world into something that

The Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Hard They Are On Themselves

God & Man 1. Libra It’s a Libra’s infatuation with perfection that leads to incessant self-criticism. It’s against their nature to express how negative they can be, and their desire to life so fully and beautifully is, ironically, often what holds them back. On the surface, Libras look accomplished and attractive

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Monday Suck Way Less

Nathan Dumlao Bottom line: nobody likes Monday. You wake up in the morning contemplating your life, wondering why weekends are only a mere 48 hours. I’ve experienced so many embarrassingly pitiful Monday mornings dreading the week to come, but decided to find ways to make my life flourishing with positivity

The Unedited Truth About Getting Botox (And Why I Did It)

Matheus Ferrero So you want to shoot some Clostridium botulinum into your face? Great, me too. Join me today as I take you on an Adventure in Botox in New York City, arguably the best place in the world to have a stranger stick a thin needle in your forehead

Here Are 11 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Need To Be Obsessed With Right Now

1. Ingrid Nilsen YouTube You can’t talk about YouTube *~beauty gurus~* without mentioning Jenn Im. Jenn, or clothesencounters, started her channel back while she was attending UC Davis for undergrad. Since then, her channel has grown to over 2 million subscribers. YOU GO, GIRL.  WORK. Within the past month, Jenn