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31 Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix For Every Day Of October

Tiger House A killer movie about a group of women who realize they’re the targets. Curve Technically a thriller, not a horror movie, but there’s a moment in this movie that haunts me every time I turn out the lights and get into bed without checking underneath first.

A Gentlemens Guide To Rape Culture

Sherry Zhu If you are a man, you are part of rape culture. I know … that sounds rough. You’re not a rapist, necessarily. But you do perpetuate the attitudes and behaviors commonly referred to as rape culture. You may be thinking, “Now, hold up, Zaron! You don’t know me,

Scars To Live By: Skin To Live With

kenziebarden Throughout our lives, we learn to define ourselves. Whether by our career, relationships, or education— we find a way to classify ourselves and to make sense of our place in the world. My life has not been simple by any means, but I can say one thing for

What I Remember About That Night

Ben Waardenburg I don’t remember exactly what time of year it was. I just remember it was too hot to wear long pants, so I wore cut offs. March, maybe? I don’t remember much, actually. I remember the way the music vibrated in my chest, but I can’t remember the

Im Not The Other Woman In His Life His Wife Is

Skye Studios We had this spark between us that made us crazy for each other. His wife was pregnant when I met him for the first time. He told me that like any other “Indian” wife, his wife too wasn’t physically active. She didn’t like the idea of oral sex,

Heres Your Favorite Sex Position, According To The State You Live In

via Daniella Urdinlaiz According to the 2017 U.S. Sexual Satisfaction Study, most U.S. couples are very satisfied with their sex lives (ranking them a 70 points out of 100). The most sexually satisfied state is Kentucky and the least sexually satisfied state is Oregon. The most commonly favored sex position